What To Be Wary Of

At ATR we are committed to helping you become a more informed healthcare consumer. You may not choose us, but you should know what you look for in a post-surgical or pain relief clinic.

Be wary of…

…clinics where customer service is not a high priority.

…the receptionist is unable to answer your questions about co-pays and high deductibles.

…physical therapy clinics where clinicians do not seem to be enjoying their job. Physical therapy is a very fun, rewarding and enjoyable job; those working it is should be demonstrating that point.

…clinics where routine rehab setbacks are met with the question, “What did YOU do?”

…referral to PT clinics advertised as the “most convenient location” which happen to right down the hall, share office space with, or are in the same building as the referral source.  Physician owned physical therapy practices are legal in North Carolina. Due to the debate over conflict of interest, and federal anti self referral laws, many states have outlawed this practice. Referring providers can only advise on where do go; it is unlawful to do otherwise. You have the right to take that referral anywhere.

…clinics in which treatment relies heavily on palliative modalities such as electric stimulation (TENS and interferential), this approach may offer short term relief, but it does not typically offer a true solution for your pain.

…facilities where the treating clinician has given you exercises to follow on a piece of paper in the clinic THIS IS NOT PHYSICAL THERAPY.  Written instructions and a diagram are not sufficient for treatment. The injured body is always looking to compensate to make things easier, often in subtle ways. The expertise of a physical therapist is required not only to ensure you are properly performing the exercises by to continuously diagnose your situation, modifying it as needed.

…clinics where you are dependent on the clinic treatment and not provided with a self-care program so you can help yourself when then pain arises and live your life.