Concussion Management


Program Overview:

Our concussion management program utilizes the latest in research from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) Sports Medicine and Concussion Program & The Center For The Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University’s School of Medicine.

Why You Should Consider Baseline Testing…

A baseline test refers to neurocognitive testing under normal conditions before injury. It is a crucial part of post injury management providing a snapshot of how one’s brain functions in a normal, everyday environment.  

 Post injury: testing takes place after an athlete sustains some level of head trauma. Determining if an athlete is symptom free is an advanced process which requires a Clinical Interview along with Vestibular and Neurocognitive testing. 

The clinical assessment is an in-depth 20 minute interview focusing on the subtleties of concussion symptoms. Vestibular testing is a comprehensive balance assessment commonly performed by a specially trained physical therapist.

Our neurocognitive testing system, Impact, is the same testing trusted by the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB to track recovery & guide the return to play of professional athletes.  The test identifies subtle changes in brain function, evaluates post-injury conditions & tracks recovery.

The Program Provides the latest, most accurate concussion management in the field, which includes:

  1. A result oriented assessment
  2. An effective and easy to follow plan of care including home and school modifications.
  3. Quantifiable test result forwarded to primary care doctor for future reference.

What If I Need Pharmaceutical Intervention?

Only in rare and extreme cases do the leading experts feel that pharmaceutical intervention is appropriate. If the recovery process has stalled we will arrange a consultation with the physician on our concussion recovery team for evaluation.

“Over a 20 year period I was told I sustained three concussions, after being more informed I now realize I had many more. I wish a baseline program had been in place when I was younger.”

Greg Dalby,

Former Men’s Assistant Soccer Coach Davidson University

Current Men’s Assistant Soccer Coach University of Notre Dame.