How To Prepare For Your 1st Visit


What To Wear

You’ll need to expose the body part that is Affected (knee, shoulder, back, etc.) Loose fitting apparel such as sweats and t-shirt are ideal, otherwise you may have to use a gown.

What To Expect

Be prepared to undergo a complete physical exam on your first visit. It may take between 45-60 minutes for the entire visit.

Treatments & Terminology

* Asterisked procedures require a high skill level.

*Joint Mobilization – The application of movement and force to a joint for the purpose of increasing motion and range. Can be used to reduce pain. Sometimes discomfort may accompany the procedure.

*Manual Therapy & Strain/Counterstrain – This is a fantastic way to normalize strained and/or painful muscles. The therapist will use their hands to apply pressure and gently stretch the muscles and tissues of your body to promote pain relief and regain normal flexibility.

Soft-Tissue Mobilization – Hands-on mobilization of your soft tissues can accelerate healing and normalize painful areas quickly and comfortably.

Therapeutic Exercises – Strengthening and balancing the muscles around your joints are essential for good movement, stability and pain relief. Physical therapists are the leading experts in helping those with pain, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and heart disease get fit and strong safely.


The office should be open in discussing prices and costs with you. Prompt Pay Rates are available upon request.