Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Program




ATR’S program is not based on the traditional passive approach that focuses only on symptom management by relying on palliative modalities such a electric stimulation.  This approach may offer short term relief, but it does not typically offer a true solution for your pain.

The muscles need to be directly and actively treated.

Spasming muscles can affect you functionally by limiting your ability to perform activities of daily living, interrupting restful sleep or affect your work performance.

Anatomically, muscle spasm can limit your range of motion and put increased strain on the bones, resulting in a constant joint stability issue. This problem is best treated by actively addressing the cause of the pain; the spasming muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does the pain last so long after a motor Vehichle accident?

When you generate a normal muscle contraction you perform it voluntarily, and relax it voluntarily. In the case of a motor vehicle accident, traumatic muscle contraction occurs automatically, relaxation does not. Skilled assistance, time and work are required for the body to regain normal pain-free muscle function and movement. The longer one delays receiving treatment, the greater the possibility that their condition could become more chronic and take longer to recover.

My situation required me to get a lawyer, am I still eligible?

 No Problem, we will work with your lawyer and their staff to develop a plan for you.

What can I expect in terms of benefit?

Reduced Pain:

Combining multiple, innovative, and researched based, treatment programs at our disposal, we individually develop  a comprehensive program to treat your pain and its cause.

Faster Results:

Patients receive education and a self-care program, so they help themselves without having to wait for their next appointment. This yields faster results.

How is ATR’s Program Different?

Your personalized plan takes a comprehensive approach to maximize results and minimize recovery time.  In addition to actively treating the painful symptoms through gentle traditional therapeutic exercise, ATR’s program will utilize the following when appropriate:

Aquatic Therapy

Concussion Testing

Manual Therapy Treatment

Revolutionary Laser Therapy

Self Care Programs

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Traditional Modalities

Why do I need a Self Care Program?

Devoting 3 hours per week to your pain with clinical treatment is a good start, but in reality it devotes less than 2% of your time to your recovery.  A patient who is educated in a proper self-care program prescribed by an educated and licensed physical therapist has the tools to continue his or her recovery effort long after their office visit.

Our goal is to make you independent, not for you to be dependent on us, so you have the freedom to live your life.


“After my accident I tried chiropractic for five months without relief. After just 3 weeks with ATR, my pain decreased by 60%”

– Renita Hyman, Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain

“The treatment program from ATR helped me heal quickly and gave me the ability to help myself so I was not dependent on in clinic treatment.”

– Niraj Patel, Back Pain