Stronger Structures Heal Faster

We are proud to be members of The Prehab Network™, a network that supports physical therapists specialized in prevention and performance enhancement treatments with data that demonstrates their efficacy.

Why rehab when you can Prehab?

Recent studies have revealed that it may be possible to reduce the incidence of the most common injuries by the systematic targeting of vulnerable areas of the body. Additionally, our experience confirms that with an appropriate prevention program, and the identification and appropriate treatment of such vulnerable areas can, in many instances, reduce the chance of injury.

During the process of Prehab patients will be given an insight into the rehabilitation process they will experience post-surgery, preparing them for the proper use of assistive devices required while recovering from  surgery. One major benefit to prehab, pre-surgery, is that it is significantly more comfortable (and in turn can be more effective) for patients to learn these techniques, pre-surgery, rather than while wearing an uncomfortable cast or under heavy pain medication and sedatives, as is the case when taught after surgery.

After a thorough evaluation and medical and past history of injury review, we tailor a program that will address any issues, ranging from a single joint activity to dynamically challenging multi-joint exercises. The goal of prehab programs is to improve all aspects of purposeful movement such as proprioception and coordination. The program is sensitive to each participant’s age, level of competition, and personal goals. Guidelines and parameters set by the surgeon will be followed for pre-surgery conditioning.