Concussion Management of Ayrsley Town Rehabilitation provides three types of services:

  • Concussion Baseline Testing
  • Concussion Post-Injury Testing and Management
  • Education for School Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Students and Parents

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A baseline test refers to neurocognitive testing under normal conditions before injury and it is a crucial part of post injury management providing a snapshot of how one’s brain functions in normal, everyday environment. The results of this test are utilized by your pediatrician or neurologist to compare with post concussion test of the same individual and assist formulating accommodations and treatment for expedited recovery. The same baseline test utilized by NFL, NHL, NCAA.

The clinical assessment package includes:

  • Vestibular Assessment
  • Computerized Neurocognitive Function (visual and verbal memory, processing speed, reaction time and accuracy), and
  • Strength and Endurance Testing when needed

The fee for supervision, administration, and validity evaluation of baseline screening are available to all individuals and discounts are available for groups with over 5 members and team screenings. Tests can be conducted at your facility upon request at 980-939-1580


At Concussion Management of Ayrsley Town Rehabilitation (CMATR), we offer a comprehensive post-injury management program for best chance at fast recovery and a safe return to sports participation following a concussion.

  • Neurocognitive and physical re-assessment and baseline comparison analysis.
  • School and home recommendations prescription based on customized approach.
  • Collaboration with primary care physician, neurologist or pediatrician for accurate implementation of treatment recommendations and safe return to sports.
  • Manual therapy options for associated secondary physical complaints when warranted.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation treatment when needed.
  • Graduated physical exertion testing, once symptom free, for appropriate return to participation as recommended by the Center for Decease Control and mandatory in many states.
  • Full progress report.

Note: Medical assessment by family or sport MD is a must with all head injuries. We will recommend one if you haven’t chosen one

 Where can my child or teen be evaluated after an injury?

When an athlete is suspected of having signs and symptoms of a concussion such as vomiting, severe or progressive headache, dizziness, confusion, sensitivity to light or sound and or memory loss call 911 and go to the nearest emergency room.

At CMATR we recommend our thorough post concussion assessment within the first 48 hours for best understanding of the condition however if not possible please, contact us at soon as possible after the physician or emergency room check up at 980-939-1580


Training and Education Workshops for Teams, Athletic Trainers and Coaches.

As a prevention-oriented organization, CMATR wants to educate you in the most effective way, which is in person through a lab format meeting. Please contact us for our in-house training.

Our training is designed to review basic causes and consequences of head injury, as well as in-the-field assessment and reporting. We will also assist you in developing a step-by-step policy to reduce your liability concerns when dealing with concussions in your school club or team. For further information contact us at 980-939-1580